Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Basket full of Eggs

I had my first round of blood work and follicle check this morning.  The blood work is to check my estradiol level check (estrogen).  In a natural cycle this number prior to ovulation is between 200 and 600.  Mine today (cycle day 5) was 425, this number will continue to increase as I "grow" more follicles.  As my estradiol continues to increase so will my emotions.  Not a pleasant time for me.

Now on to the more exciting news - I had 4 measurable follicles today.  Each follicles houses the egg.  Hence the name of this post "basket full of eggs" because that is what my belly is beginning to feel like.  

I get to skip tomorrows invasion at the clinic, but after that I will be going in daily for my blood work and vaginal ultrasound.  Fun times are just around the corner.

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