Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pins & Needles and Herbs, OH MY!

I have to thank my wonderfully creative friend Sarah for the title today.  I actually held a little contest among my friends to help me come up with a title for my blog.  Jerri was the winner with Stork Stalker, but I plan to use some of the other ideas as titles to the daily posts.  And yes, there was a prize.  It was going to be a nice box of chocolates but my friend Jerri is on a diet so I gave her a bag of Dunkin Donuts coffee.

I went to my weekly acupuncture session today.  I've been going weekly since November.  I actually enjoy going and it is quite relaxing.  The main purpose however is to improve the uterus.  Based on my recent biopsy I'm not so sure, however I did get 3 normal embryos on my last IVF so maybe it is working.  I've also been taking Chinese herbs daily to help with my overall health.  I have to admit I'm fairly healthy.  I exercise regularly, I try to eat right, I avoid caffeine during my IVF cycles and I haven't had a soda in over 12 years.  Prior to trying to have a baby I was a runner.  I even ran a marathon in 2006.  Yet another thing I've given up in my pursuit to have a baby.  Oh well, there is no point in looking back.

I'll leave you with a little picture from today's acupuncture session.  I had 5 needles in my belly and 4 down each leg from my knee to my ankle.  This photo only shows 4 (that is a ring in my belly button not a needle).

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  1. ooooh - haven't seen the acupuncture needles before.... Looking very tanned! And excellent title even if I do say so myself