Friday, September 11, 2009

Tanning Bed?

I was at the gym on Wednesday and my trainer said "have you been in the tanning bed?"  I said "no, why am I red?"  He said "yes" and I said "well I'm having a hot flash".  My neck and chest were beet red and I felt like I was on fire from the inside out.  He then asked me if it was because I was old or because of the medicine.  As I punched him in his big bicep, I said it is the medicine.  It is really funny because he knows everything going on with me in my quest to get pregnant.  He even explained to a mutual friend of mine that I was going through menopause right now and she asked why and he said because I had a hostile uterus that I was trying to correct.

The other bad side effects I've been experiencing are headaches, trouble sleeping and night sweats.  I had a really bad headache last night that turned into a migraine and caused me to be late to work.  I would have loved to call in sick but I had way to much that needed to be done.  Luckily my darling doctor husband loaded me up with drugs and I was able to drag myself to work.

Tomorrow is the couples shower for my friend J that is pregnant with twins.  I visited with J on Monday and when I mentioned that one of the kitties nibbled off the corner of her gift she said are you really coming to the shower because I would totally understand if you couldn't handle it.  I told her I was planning to come and she burst into tears and told me that it meant so much to her because she knew how hard this would be.  I'm so glad that she understands and it makes me really want to do this for her.  Maybe the acupuncturist can work a little magic on me to keep my emotions under control.  At least my hubby will be there with me (and my friend Sarah).

The 1/2 marathon is less than one month away.  (The one I'm walking).   Sarah & I had a practice walk on Saturday and we did quite well.  We walked 11 1/2 miles in 3 hours.  It was fun but I got a huge blister on my heel.  Unbelievable.  I ran a marathon and didn't get a blister like the one I just got.  It seems to be much better and I put some different insoles in my shoes so hopefully I will have better luck this week.  I walked 5 miles last night and my feet felt fine.

Thanks to all those who have served or are currently serving our country in the armed forces.  I have 2 nephews that are in the Army and I'm so very proud of them.


  1. Walking always gives me far more blisters than running! I wonder why that is? I am so touched that your friend is sensitive enough to understand that the shower will be hard for you. That is a good friend. Take care.

  2. I think I need to do a blog for the Mother of an infertile daughter. It is so hard to watch the joy of your life struggle. I also pray constantly for a child for my child. A child that she can share her life with, a child that can be her best friend, a child that will bring her pain as well as mountains and mountains of joy, a child she can laugh and cry with. In other words I want her to have what I have. I'm past the desire for her to bear me a grandchild, I want her hurt to end. After watching her struggle I wish she had never started trying to get pregnant. There are women that throw their babies away and my baby could give a child everything. Life can be so unfair. BUT GOD loves us and will comfort her and me through to the end. I love you daughter.