Monday, September 21, 2009

Snake Ahead

My friend Sarah & I walked 10.6 miles on Saturday (in the pouring rain).  Around the 5 mile marker we almost stepped on a Copperhead snake.  Lucky for us it was already dead.  We were on a trail for walkers/runners & bikers so I have to assume a biker must have run over it.  Between the pouring rain and the snake it was one of the most adventurous walks I've been on.  I will be so glad when the half marathon gets here (2 weeks to go).  I've decided that walking isn't near as fun as running and in fact it is downright boring.  My walking partner Sarah has a theory and I might have to agree with her.  She said when you run you are concentrating on breathing and staying alive and so you don't spend near as much time wondering when you will be done.  We were soaked after our walk so we decided a nice brunch at I-HOP was just the cure for aching prune feet.  So much for burning off all those calories!

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