Monday, September 14, 2009


I went to the couples shower for my friend J on Saturday and had a nice time.  It was basically like an adult party, lots of alcohol and yummy party food and a big stack of gifts wrapped in cute baby paper (okay that was the not so normal part of the party).  I just avoided that area of the house so I could continue to pretend like this was just a party.  We stayed about 2 hours and when it came time for the gifts to be opened I chicken out and went home.  I felt bad that I just couldn't stay, but I felt like leaving was in my best interest.  My friend J looked really beautiful with her big twins belly and her pregnancy glow.  She has had a really rough pregnancy so it was nice to see her acting like her normal social self.  She hugged me when I left and told me how much it meant for me to be there and I was happy to have been able to share the evening with her.

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  1. Your friend sounds like she really appreciated you coming. It doesn't matter if you left before the gifts were opened, you went and showed your support of her. :D