Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Roatan Vacation Part 1

We left Atlanta on Saturday for a dive vacation in Roatan (an island off the coast of Honduras).  It is beautiful here and the diving has been amazing.  We came here about 3 years ago during Thanksgiving and it rained every single day.  When our plane landing it started to rain and we both said "oh no not again".  However, it stopped raining, the sun came out and it has been gorgeous ever since.  On Sunday we got up early (the downside to diving) and went for our first dive at 8.15 am.  We saw a crab whose pinches were as thick as my forearms, he could have feed a family of 4.  We also saw a huge green moray eel tucked in a hole but if he had of been swimming he would have been about 6 feet long.  His body was about 25 inches around.   We did a second dive around 11am and a third dive around 2.30.  Day two was the same thing, lots of diving and neat stuff under water.  

Day 3 (today) we did 2 morning dives and then we went around the mountain to different resort to do a dolphin dive.  This resort has a dolphin sanctuary and they have a lot
 of dolphins that live in huge corrals.  They have trained 3 large males to come out to a dive sight and interact with the divers.  When we got there they take you to one of the corrals and introduce you to one of the other dolphins.  You get to touch the dolphin and watch it do some tricks. This is to give you a background on dolphins.  We even got to touch the dolphins teeth.  Little did we know this would be the closest we would get to a dolphin because the dolphin dive was a BUST.  We dove for 45 minutes and the 3 males never joined us.  I guess that goes to show that even though you train a wild animal they are still wild and have a mind of their own.  At least we got a refund.
Our condo is the on the top floor (left side) of this building and is very nice.  We have seen some really pretty hummingbirds and the grounds and pool are incredible. 

Tomorrow will be more diving and a new adventure.

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  1. That sounds so fun! I love diving and just getting to enter a completely peaceful and quiet world. Have a great time!