Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Biopsy Bliss

I had the biopsy today for the EFT (endometrial function test).  The biopsy will be sent via FedEX to the doctor at Yale that created the test.  The results should be back in 2-3 weeks and I'm praying for a normal test result.

I'm going to explain how the biopsy is performed so if you are squeamish you might want to skip this part.  First thing after the speculum was inserted the doctor sprayed my cervix with a numbing spray.  This spray burns really bad to the point my toes were curling and I was moaning "Holy Cow That HURTS", the next step is when the doctor says okay now you will feel a little pinch as he inserts a needle full of numbing medicine into the cervix.  A little pinch is a gross understatement.  As this happened I was moaning "this REALLY hurts".  The spray was in order to allow him to give me the injection.  I cannot even imagine what this test would be like if I wasn't numbed up.  After everything is numb he then inserts a long 16 inch plastic tube through the cervix into the uterus and pinches off a bit of the uterus.  The minute that tube hits the cervix there is a revolt by the cervix and it starts to cramp.  And I mean really cramp.  I'm about to hyperventilate while I try to take some deep breaths and he tells me to count to 10 really slow.  Then it is over.  Just like that.  The cramping lasts about 5 more minutes and I'm done.  Thank God for small miracles.  I went and had some lunch and then went back to work.

After reading that description I hope you get a realization of just what I went through because this next bit is about the last biopsy I had back in June.  I went through all of the above steps and right after the doctor handed the nurse the biopsy in a little cup I saw a flash out of the corner of my eye.  I immediately said "did you just drop that?" and she had.  A little piece of my uterus was laying on the floor in a puddle of stinking preservation liquid.  YES the test had to be repeated (minus the numbing spray & shot).  The nurse said that was the first time anything like that had happened to her and she was almost in tears as she went to get another little container for round 2.  That same nurse today asked someone else to assist with the biopsy because she still felt so bad about what happened.  

The only good thing that happened today was I get to stop the messy progesterone suppositories and the estrace (estrogen) pills.  I have to continue with my morning shot of Lupron because hopefully the test will come back normal and I will be able to transfer the embryos back to my uterus in September.

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