Saturday, July 25, 2009

Forgotten Pleasures

When you are going through an IVF cycle there are so many things you have to give up, such as,caffeine, anti-inflammatory drugs, allergy medicines, ALCOHOL, vigorous exercise (such as running) and the list goes on and on.  I refer to this period of time as "being pure".  A friend of mine even went on a special diet that excluded wheat and dairy products.  That was a bit too hard core for me and I've already made so many sacrifices I just couldn't handle the diet on top of everything else.

I recently been reintroducing all the above back into my  life.  I am having a nice ice tea with lunch, I ran 3 miles on Thursday and I then took an anti-inflammatory afterwards and the last two weekends I reintroduced a bit of alcohol back into the mix.  Of course last night I reintroduced a bit too much alcohol to my body and I was paying for it this morning.  I drank a ton of water and I'm feeling better now.  When I went for my weekly acupuncture visit this afternoon I didn't mention the alcohol because my acupuncturist frown on alcohol consumption.  

A quick update as to the status of things: I'm still taking my daily Lupron shot and I'm taking Estrace pills twice a day.  By my estimates the biopsy will be around August 12 or 13th, right before our holiday.


  1. Happy ICLW!

    I'm hoping and praying that your meds are doing their magic ;o) Happy belated birthday! I'm SO happy you got your wish!

  2. Oh yes! They are not only forgotten but also builty pleasures...

    Belated Happy Birthday and Welcome to ICLW! And I sincerely wish that this attempt gets you to the rainbow!

    Take Care!


  3. I pretty regularly have a glass of wine (or two) in the evening, and I really miss it during fertility treatment cycles. A good friend of mine who went through IF begged me this cycle to not go crazy on things like that. The cycle she got pregnant (after years and years of IF) was the one where she relaxed all of her "rules." "Have a glass of wine!!!" she insisted.

    I want to get pregnant, but even following all of the restrictions, I haven't... *sigh* Who knows.

  4. Personally I think I might fess up to the alcohol to the acupuncturist, because that might affect the treatment they give you. If it's an acupuncturist who's going to lecture you or make you feel bad, then I think I'd find someone new! You should be able to tell them the complete truth.

    Hope you enjoy all the things you've missed!


  5. Hang in there! Hopefully you are giving up little things for something big!
    -Barbara from

  6. A little indulgence in alcohol is not necessarily a bad thing. I would think an acupuncturist would understand that it can be a huge stress relief.