Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Where is Lady Luck?

I got a call from my RE yesterday and he received the tissue test results from the D&C. The embryo was ABNORMAL and tested positive for Trisomy 22. This should NOT have happened because we had the embryos genetically tested with CGH (not PGD) and I somehow managed to fall into the 9% error rate group. I’m on a roll with the bad luck when it comes to get pregnant. The lab apologized to my doctor and said they were going to re-test their original slides to see what went wrong. They also told my doctor that if I did another IVF they would do the testing for free. The testing was outrageously expensive (double what PGD costs). This is the same lab that CCRM uses and has such a great success rate. Not to mention that their “next time free” offer does me any good because I think 5 IVF’s is plenty for me. I’m done with that stage of IVF. I still have one frozen CGH tested embryo so I’m praying that is truly normal and I hope the lab can reexamine the slide to ensure it is normal.

In case you need a biology lesson to understand what the heck trisomy means, it is an extra chromosome. You have 23 pairs of chromosomes and an extra chromosome attached to an existing chromosome always leads to an abnormality. Trisomy 21 is Down syndrome. Trisomy 22 almost always results in a miscarriage (2nd leading cause of spontaneous miscarriage).

So the good news is they found out the problem and why I lost the baby. The bad news is this really should not have happened to a CGH tested embryo.


  1. Ugh, it is maddening when people do something wrong and there's no way to make up for it at all.

    I'm so sorry that they put you through this.

  2. i actually talk about you all the time to my hubbs and just finding out this information makes you sick to your stomach, eh? We have been praying for you a couple times a week, and i want success for you...i am so sad that your lab made this mistake and that you had to be into the pregnancy 9wks before they even realised that you hadnt developed since 7 wks....i hate it how we count so much on modern medicine, but some people fall through the cracks...

    i hope your baby comes stay.

    ♥ ac

  3. Wow.. that's all I can say. This is truly crazy. When do you think you may do a frozen transfer?

  4. I just realized I missed this post. I'm mad and sad for you all at the same time. Are they going to recheck the one that you still have?