Sunday, December 20, 2009

God's Miracle Unfolds

I'm 5 weeks today and attached is my first belly shot. I think it will be fun to watch my belly grow (but I'm not looking forward to watching my booty grow). I'm not planning to post my starting weight because I gained about 10-12 LBS from all the fertility drugs or as I like to call it my non-baby weight.

My beta on Friday went well, my hcG went from 528 to 1,386 so it is more than doubling each 48 hours. So far this indicates that I have a strong little baby growing inside me. I go back on Tuesday for another beta. My first ultrasound will be Jan 5th. It would normally be the around Dec 31st but my RE is out of town. I'm so looking forward to that first u/s when I get to hear the baby's heart beat.

So far no symptoms good or bad. My girlfriend J told me to enjoy this next week because the symptoms normally hit around 6 weeks. I had my DH pick up some soda crackers today just in case I need them soon.

A friend asked me if I was planning to continue the blog and the answer is yes! I want to document this journey and I hope everyone will continue to follow God's miracle as it unfolds.


  1. Wow! I can't wait to see the future belly shots. Still so happy for you!

  2. Congratulations upon the new little person growing inside you! One of my "babies" graduated from college Saturday, lol! They grow SO fast. Enjoy your pregnancy. -- from a fellow IComLeavWe-er and Southerner

  3. I come via IComLeavWe and wish I had found your blog sooner! I am also a southerner and am ttc. Congratulations on your new pregnancy! How very exciting!!! I will be following!!! xxx

  4. Looks like we're pregnancy buddies! I'm at 4wks6days today! GREAT betas!!


  5. congratulations, those are great numbers. I hope the wait for your first u/s goes quickly!


  6. Congrats! How very exciting!
    Happy ICLW :)

  7. Congratulations on your little miracle. And, btw, I know you say you have already gained 10+ pounds from treatments but I think you look fabulous.

  8. Hi there! Thank you for the comment!
    I was on Clomid this month with timed BD. I just wish I'd o already!!!!

  9. Congratulations! So exciting to have that baby growing in there just in time for Christmas. I hope you friend is not right about 6 weeks but that is exactly when my sickness kicked in. :( Maybe you'll be a lucky one with smooth sailing. Best of luck with little baby!