Friday, November 20, 2009


I went to pick up my reading glasses tonight at the eye doctor (yeah I know I'm old) and it reminded me of what happened last week when I went to get my eyes examined. The female doctor was asking me of any changes and I said my eyes seemed to be drier than normal. She asked about any changes and I said I'd been taking hormones for IVF and her comment was FUN! After I closed my mouth I just looked at her and said "not really". We left it at that. Yes it was fun the first time when I was naive and thought it would work and I'd have a sweet little baby nine months later but after 5 IVF's and 3 years later there is nothing fun about this process. Fun is a roll in hay that results in a baby nine months later.

I started my estrace pills last Sunday and after a few days of headaches I feel like my old self again. I normally get headaches when estrogen is reintroduced into my system but they only last a couple of days. I go on Tuesday for an ultrasound to check my lining and some blood work. Things are going slowly right now but at least I have Thanksgiving and a trip to the beach to distract me. My in-laws live in a condo over looking the beach so that will be a nice way to spend the holiday.

I took this photo Saturday at the Atlanta Zoo. I imagine this what I will feel like after eating an early Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday at my dad's house and then another Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday with the in-laws. I even plan to help cook dinner on Thursday and for those of you that know me IRL (in real life) you know this will be a huge undertaking for me. I really dislike cooking but hopefully everything will turn out yummy and I won't have to help with the dishes.


  1. Ha ha, if you help with the cooking, you are so out of doing dishes! Happily my dad has already volunteered to clean on turkey day. I didn't even pretend to hesitate in saying, "Great!" :) Yeah, IVF is really really really fun! Really. Walk away quickly from that statement Dr. Glasses! {hugs}

  2. "Fun is a roll in the hay that results in a baby nine months later."

    Well put!