Saturday, March 27, 2010


I heard someone say WAZ UP on the radio on this morning and it made me laugh. I haven’t heard that in ages. Things are starting to move along with my upcoming FET (frozen embryo transfer). I started my period late Sunday evening so I called my RE on Monday morning to schedule my sonohystergram. The nurse scheduled it for Wednesday which I thought was a bit early because I knew I would not be done with my period by then. She said it would be fine. WRONG. I get to the appointment and tell the tech it is cycle day 3 and she said she didn’t think I would be able to have the procedure. UGH! She did the initial exam (wand in the hoo ha to look around) and then went to get the physician’s assistant. The P.A. and nurse came back and said sorry you are still bleeding so we need to push the procedure to Friday. I went back today and the procedure went well. The P.A. was actually able to get the catheter through my cervix without dilating me. I’m glad to have that behind me. I go back April 6th for my lining check and then later that week for them to put in the dreaded cervical stitch. My transfer is scheduled for April 13th. We are only planning to put back the one frozen CGH tested embryo.

Yesterday was my DH’s 45th birthday. Before he got up that morning I said “Happy Birthday” and he said don’t remind me. Since we are planning a nice dinner out on Saturday I just stopped by his favorite pizza place (that doesn’t deliver) and surprised him with a pizza. He was thrilled when he got home and the yummy pizza was waiting for him. He went to get his hair cut after work and I heard him tell his mom on the phone that he got the gray cut out. HA! He has nice white temples and is salt & pepper everywhere else. Right now he is still more pepper than salt. I on the other hand NEVER intend to go gray. That is what I pay my hairdresser buckets of money for.

I went to the movies last night and saw A.lice in in 3D. I highly recommend this movie. It was really good and my friend S and I had fun dodging things in 3D. Tonight my DH & I went to a nice dinner to celebrate his dinner. I was sad to have to skip the cocktails. There is nothing better than a nice glass of wine with a nice meal. However, once I start my fertility meds I stop drinking alcohol and caffeine. At least my DH was able to have a couple of glasses and had a DD to get him home. Cheers!


  1. So glad you had a nice time for his bday! I have never seen a grey hair in my life since I keep my hair constantly colored and plan to for the rest of my life! :) April 13th is just around the corner. :)

  2. great news that you're well on your way this cycle! I've been following you for a little while. Was so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I am holding out lots of hope for this FET cycle for you!

  3. Just wanted to add a quick note to say I'm pulling for you. Over the last few months, I've read more infertility blogs than I can count but, so far, yours is the only one I've found that deals with uterine lining issues similar to my own.

    I had the Beta-3 Integrin test late last year, and it was negative, so I too have to do the 2-3 months of Lupron hell before we can transfer.

    Although I was sad to hear your cycle ended in a miscarriage, I want you to know how much hope it gave me that you were finally able to implant. Here's hoping this next time is finally your turn for success!!