Friday, October 30, 2009

Objects of Torture

I had the sonohysterogram yesterday and it did NOT go according to plan. According to my RE my cervix was closed tight. He could not get the catheter in so after a bit of poking and prodding he decided to dilate my cervix and use a smaller catheter. In order to dilate the cervix he sprayed my cervix with some numbing spray which feels like someone is spraying your who-ha with acid. My cervix was very sensitive yesterday so every thing he did was painful. He finally got the catheter in and then inserted the saline into my uterus. I'm pleased to say everything looked great in the uterus. There were no abnormalities. However the closed up cervix presents a problem because when I go for the embryo transfer everything has to go smoothly. You don't want to aggravate the cervix or dilate on transfer day because it is not good for implantation. I now have to go in about 4 days before my transfer and my RE is going to insert a stitch into my cervix (can't wait for that). I asked what was the purpose of the stitch and he said so he could get traction and help the catheter go in straight through the canal. This is why they like to do a trial run before transfer time to make sure there are no problems on transfer day.

Happy Halloween from Roxie & Nemo.


  1. That just sounds painful! Acid, stiches....that makes me cross my legs! I'm hoping the stitch just sounds worse than it is. Your kitties are very spooky!

  2. That does not sound pleasant at all! I hope everything goes smoothly for the trial and transfer!

    Happy Halloween!

  3. Man, I am sorry you had trouble with the test.... But, at least you know now. I hope the pland and trail run make things easier for your actual transfer.